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Panorama Meats

The Panorama Story

In 2002, a group of long-time family ranchers and rangeland conservationists in Northern California came together to produce a grass-fed beef that is healthy, humane for cattle and easy on the environment. They pooled their resources, wrote a business plan, and created Western Grasslands, Inc. As the company grew, the group made the decision to change its name in 2006 to Panorama Meats, now the nation’s largest producer of 100 percent grass-fed and grass-finished organic beef.

Today, Panorama’s participating family ranchers span nine states and over 1 million acres of USDA Certified Organic grasslands in Northern California, Southern Oregon, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, South Dakota, New Mexico, Nebraska and Colorado. Their cattle are raised on lush green pastures that feature a cow’s favorite foods—natural grasses, legumes and range forage. Panorama’s Organic Grass-Fed Beef is sold at more than 120 Whole Foods Market stores throughout Northern California, the Pacific Northwest, Florida, and Southwest and Panorama Organic Grass-Fed Beef is also sold at Brookshire Brothers in Texas.

In addition to a steady diet of the foods they were designed by nature to eat, Panorama’s cattle live the way cattle were meant to live. They are never implanted with hormones, fed animal byproducts or treated with antibiotics. They enjoy room to roam, and graze on grass and forages at their leisure, not according to a schedule. Panorama cattle are always treated with respect and handled humanely.

The correct diet, combined with low-stress, humane living conditions, enable Panorama’s ranchers to raise the most flavorful and tender grass-fed beef in the country. Panorama’s beef has a bigger, beefier flavor than conventionally raised, grain-fed beef. The company’s dedication to English genetics means its steaks are juicy, tasty, tender and evenly marbled. Its ground beef is naturally lean and flavorful.

Product Details

• Cattle Live on USDA Certified Organic Grasslands
• Born and Raised in the USA
• No Added Hormones or Antibiotics – EVER!
• Global Animal Partnership Certified, Step 4
• Cattle Treated Respect and Handled Humanely
• Whole 30 Approved