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Revier Cattle


Premium Cattle + Excellent Feed/Facilities = High Quality Sustainable Beef

Premium Cattle

Revier Cattle Company (RCC) raises Prime/Choice-graded Black Angus cattle on a 150 year-old family farm in Olivia, Minnesota. RCC is committed to unmatched sustainability and produces the best-tasting Black Angus beef using old-fashioned, locally-grown proprietary feed. Only the best Black Angus bloodlines with unique northern genetics are developed with no expense spared to achieve the highest quality beef.

Excellent Feed

Feed for Revier cattle includes locally-grown, high-protein feed, some of which are produced by Revier Farms. Other products used in the cattle feed are sourced from local producers, cutting back on long distance delivery, fuel consumption and RCC’s carbon footprint.

Excellent Facilities

Revier effectively and efficiently manages livestock production while protecting the environment. Their Total Livestock Care (TLC) facilities range from open-air concrete yards to partial confinement pens to totally enclosed, patented barns. Making informed, best practice decisions about how and when to use a specific feeding method improves product quality and enhances the efficiency of RCC’s operations.

The combination of northern Black Angus genetics, proprietary old-fashion, locally-grown diet, and Total Livestock Care (TLC) creates a consistently unmatched eating experience. This process, combined with Revier’s state-of-the-art facilities and technologies delivers the highest sustainability in the industry.


  • Premium Cattle + Excellent Feed/Facilities = High Quality Sustainable Beef
  • Old-fashioned proprietary locally grown, high protein feed
  • Premium Black Angus cattle
  • All-Natural
  • Highest level of sustainability

Olivia, Minnesota