Corporate Responsibility Statement

West Coast Prime Meats
Corporate Responsibility Statement


West Coast Prime Meat’s corporate responsibility is to ensure the products and services we deliver are mindful of the greater social and environmental issues facing our population and planet today.

The social and environmental responsibility focus areas for West Coast Prime Meats include our employees, our community, our suppliers, and our operation.

Our Employees - West Coast Prime Meat’s employees are our greatest asset, and we strive to offer a positive work environment, full of opportunity for our employees as we grow.

Our Community - West Coast Prime Meats is heavily involved in the local community and donates time, money and supplies to numerous food related charities and foodbanks.

Our Suppliers - The single most important thing West Coast Prime Meats can do to promote sustainability and reduce our impact on the environment is to source products from farms, ranches, and packers that are part of a truly sustainable and humane farming system and we have launched several initiates towards this goal.

Our Operation - West Coast wants to do more than is expected of a distributor for the environment and we are midstream in a number of carbon reduction projects including fleet optimization, moving to recycled packaging only, and creating a climate-conscious workplace.

If you would like more information on specific products, plans, or programs, please feel free to email us at



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West Coast Prime Meats

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