About West Coast Prime Meats

Providing value at the center of the plate is one of the biggest challenges facing the hospitality industry today. At West Coast Prime Meats, meeting that challenge is our goal. Founded by the original partners of the highly successful Claim Jumper Restaurant chain, the company started in 2001 as CJ Meats buying meat directly from the packers, portion cutting steaks, and distributing to the chain’s 47 locations. Over the years, CJ Meats expanded and provided products to other restaurants groups and by 2010 had developed a growing presence in the marketplace with a highly skilled and experienced team of steak cutters and top tier sales team. In January of 2011 the partners incorporated as West Coast Prime Meats and transitioned from and internal business unit to a full-service protein provider to the food service industry.

Angus Beef Belly Display

What makes us different from other protein and broadline distributors is that we know what it takes to start, run and operate restaurants and we are set-up to help our customers succeed:

  • We are independently owned which means:

    • Competitive pricing as we do not have the typical 3 - 4 rebate layers the broadliners charge
    • Flexibiltiy case and pack sizes
    • Not having to deal with multiple reps and brokers from the same OpCo or end company 
    • No stock exchange to answer to. No nickel and diming you with fees (re-stocking, fuel surcharges, etc...)
  • Flexible and extended order cut-off times into the evening

  • No games being played. When you order USDA Prime or Choice beef that is what you will get

  • Monday through Saturday delivery schedule

  • Wait staff training

  • Access to management team with menu, purchasing, and multi-unit growth experience

  • Online ordering systems, automated invoice options, and product mix reporting to help you analyze your business

  • On-site R&D kitchen to test new products, review specifications and yields, and develop custom cuts that are uniquely yours

In a short number of years, West Coast Prime Meats has quickly become the leading choice for the highest quality protein products and related services for the finest restaurants, hotels, resorts, and country clubs in Southwestern US.

West Coast Prime Meats Facility

Our Facility

West Coast Prime Meats is a USDA processing and distribution facility with full beef production, poultry production, ground beef, a state-of-the-art R&D test kitchen...

West Coast Prime Meats Fleet

Our Fleet

West Coast Prime Meats has a best-in-class distribution fleet ready to meet your weekly delivery needs. Our fleet consists of refrigerated tractor trailers...

Staff Doing Quality Check

Food Safety

West Coast Prime Meats is a USDA inspected and certified facility. We employ our own in-house, fully trained Quality Assurance and sanitation team using...

Cow Farm

Corporate Responsibility Statement

West Coast Prime Meats corporate responsibility is to ensure the products and services we deliver are mindful of the greater social and environmental issues facing our population and planet today.

Our Cutting Team

At West Coast Prime Meats we don’t just have butchers; we have highly skilled meat specialists who cut your steaks to your specification. Every steak is hand cut and weighed to ensure you of a consistent, high quality product.  

Cow Meat Being Cut

Customer Resources

Want to schedule a tour? Want to become a customer? Whatever your question, we've got the answer. If our FAQ's still don't answer your questions, you can always contact us by calling (714) 255-8560 or (800)-640-7310 or you may also e-mail us from the Contact Us page with detailed information about your questions. Our customer service representatives are available from 8:00AM – 5:00PM PST Monday through Friday.