Product Guide


Premium Dry Aged Beef

Our Process

West Coast Prime Meats is one of the few distributors in the industry to have a dedicated on-site dry age room which means your product never leaves our facility. Most other distributors outsource their aging to other facilities making it harder to ensure product quality due to poor temperature control and humidity volatility. When you order a dry-age product from West Coast Prime Meats:

  • The source material is carefully selected in our production room for ample marbling and consistent sizing
  • The product is tagged with your customer number and date specifications (if not our standard 28 day cycle
  • Product is immediately placed into the racking system and are periodically rotated to ensure multiple subprimal orders age evenly
  • The product is monitored with both temperature, circulation, and humidity control systems that notify our production manager if any variable falls out of acceptable ranges
  • Once your specific age date is achieved, the product is checked for quality, cut and packed to your specification, and delivered the next day

The dry aging process typically requires raw material with ample marbling to help ensure and finished product with consistent flavor and moisture. As a result, we exclusively dry-age USDA Prime, USDA Choice, 1855 Black Angus or Wagyu subprimals. Products we most often dry-age for our customer include:

  • Bone-in beef export ribs
  • "Tomahawk" beef exports ribs and rib chops
  • Beef Shortloins
  • Beef Striploins (bone-in)


  • On-site USDA approved dry-age room
  • Humidity and temperature control system
  • 28-day standard aging process
  • Custom aging dates available
  • Whole subprimals or portion cuts