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Serves Four


Adapted from West Coast Prime Meats Cooks © 2015

Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp


  • One poblano (also called pasilla) chile
  • One red onion, peeled and cored
  • Twelve large Mexican shrimp
  • Two tablespoons olive oil
  • Twelve slices Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Bacon


  1. Soak the bamboo skewers in water for approximately 15 minutes, then drain.
  2. Core, seed and devein the chile, then cut it lengthwise in six pieces and cut each piece in half to make 12 pieces total.
  3. Slice the red onion in half lengthwise, then cut in one-inch strips; reserve 12.
  4. Shell and devein the shrimp. To shell, pull off the legs, then start at the top of the shrimp and peel off the shell, leaving only the fantail on the end. To devein the shrimp, run a sharp paring knife along the spine from head to tail and remove the black vein just under the surface. Rinse the shrimp under running water and pat dry.
  5. Heat the olive oil in a medium sauté pan over medium-high heat. Cook approximately 30 seconds, then turn over and cook for an additional 30 seconds. The shrimp will not be fully cooked. Remove from heat and cool immediately.
  6. In the same pan, lightly sauté the chile and onion strips until they start to soften but are still al dente. Remove from heat and allow to cool.
  7. Make two small cuts on the curved belly side of the shrimp to open them up straight. Place one slice of chile and one slice of onion on top of each shrimp. Wrap the shrimp with a slice of bacon, starting from the head and stretching the bacon lightly to wrap around and down to the tail.
  8. Place a skewer at a 90-degree angle to the shrimp; place two shrimp on each skewer, to prevent the bacon from opening and to hold the shrimp wrapped. Repeat with the rest of the shrimp and skewers.
  9. Chill until ready to cook.

Spicy Sriracha Aioli


  • One cup prepared mayonnaise
  • Two tablespoons honey
  • Quarter-teaspoon ketchup
  • Half-teaspoon olive oil
  • Four tablespoons Sriracha sauce
  • One teaspoon salt
  • Eighth-teaspoon pepper


  1. Whisk all ingredients together in a mixing bowl until fully blended. Adjust salt and pepper if necessary.
  2. Hold in the refrigerator, covered, for up to three days.



  • Eight tablespoons olive oil
  • Twelve bacon-wrapped shrimp (see recipe)
  • Twelve large scallops
  • Two tablespoons blackening spice of choice
  • Three-quarters-cup enchilada sauce, warmed*
  • Half-cup Spicy Sriracha Aioli (see recipe)
  • Twelve cilantro leaves
  • One lime, cut in quarters

*Our enchilada sauce is a house secret but you can purchase enchilada sauce at most grocery stores.


  1. Heat half of the oil in a large sauté pan over medium-high heat. Add bacon-wrapped shrimp and fry until bacon becomes crisp, approximately two minutes. Place on a paper-towel lined plate and set aside.
  2. While shrimp is cooking, heat the remaining oil in a separate large pan over high heat.
  3. Season scallops with blackening spice on both sides and place in hot oil. Sauté on each side for approximately two minutes per side. Do not overcook.
  4. Ladle dots of the enchilada sauce one-inch apart from each other on four separate plates and top each dot with a scallop.
  5. Lay one bacon-wrapped shrimp to the right side of each scallop.
  6. Garnish each shrimp evenly with the aioli and decorate with a cilantro leaf. Place a lime wedge on each plate and serve.

Copyright © 2015 by Amy and Craig Nickoloff and West Coast Prime Meats
Recipes reprinted with permission of the owners.


Photo credit: Real Mex Restaurants

Enrique Tayun
Research & Development Corporate Chef, Real Mex Restaurants

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