Hook’s Cheese – Food and Accompaniment Pairings

Hook’s Cheese Variety

Tony and Julie Hook are world champion cheese makers out of Mineral Point, Wisconsin. Hook’s Cheese aged cheddars, blue, colby and swiss cheeses are some of the most sought after cheeses in the world. Though us meatheads at West Coast think you can’t beat the taste of any of their aged cheddars on an angus burger, with 100 years of cheese making and cheese tasting experience, the Hook’s have developed a list of some ideal food and charcuterie pairings for their award winning cheeses.

Hook’s Mild Cheeses-Colby, Cheddar, flavored Cheddars, Muenster, Farmer, Monterey Jack, Brick, Baby Swiss

-Beef Sticks, salami, pretzels, pickled vegetables, fresh fruit, flavored mustards, pepper Jelly, fresh vegetable sticks, roasted rosemary cashews, almonds, wheat crackers, Cocktail Rye bread, dries apricots dried cherries

Hook’s Aged Cheddar, Triple Play, Red Errigal, Aged Swiss, Parmesan, Truffle Cheddar

-dried apricots, dried cherries , sliced apples and pears, quince paste, olives, pate, cornichons, grained mustard, peppadew peppers, marinated Artichoke hearts, assorted salami and prosciutto, flatbread, sesame breadsticks, olive tapenade, shelled pistachios

Hook’s Goat and Sheep Milk Cheese- Sheep Butterkase, Sheep Havarti, Sheep Gouda, Hurdy Gurdy, Galway Bay, Maaahnteray Jack, Blue Barns.

-olives, Marcona almonds, chutney, fruit Jams, Serrano Ham, air cured salami, Baguette slices, dates, sliced fresh pears, fruit and nut crackers, herbed olive oil, dried apricots and cherries whole grain baguette slices

Hook’s Blue Cheeses-Original Blue, Blue Paradise, Barneveld Blue, Little Boy Blue, Ewe Calf to be KIDding, Gorgonzola, Tilston Point

-Honey, Fig Jam, Dark Chocolate, fruit and nut crackers, fresh or dried figs, Quince and Apple pear Mostarda, fruit Jams, thin unsalted crackers, Toasted Walnuts, Candied Pecans, Dates , Candied Bacon , dried apricots and cherries