The Only 5 Knives You Need in Your Kitchen


Stainless steel knives – Professional chefs collect tool chests full of knives and equipment, but in the home kitchen these are likely the only five knives you will need.

1 – French knife

French knives vary in length, so find the one that is a comfortable weight and heft for your hand. They are essential for chopping vegetables and handling general slicing and dicing chores.

2 – Boning knife

Boning knives also vary in length; a 5-inch knife usually handles boning chores easily and flexibly.

3 – Slicer

The slicer has a long, slender blade and provides a nice, long, even cut when serving sliced meats.

4 – Cleaver

The cleaver is a helpful tool to have around to chop cleanly through chicken bones, smash cloves of garlic or rough-chop barbecued meats. Just remember that many of them are not made with stainless steel and may react to acidic marinades or sauces.

5 – Pairing knife

The paring knife is useful for small tasks, such as peeling garlic, shallots and ginger.